Just so I was being nice,
Doesn’t mean you could trample all over me

Just so I trusted you
When I was beyond repaired
Doesn’t mean you get to break it!

Just so I was naive,
Doesn’t mean you could play your sick games,

My heart screamed to be heard:
To stay away-but
I never paid heed
I’d never regret my choices!

Just so you know, oh yeah;
You broke my trust and betrayed me
You made me feel ignored,

But you’ll be forgiven -eventually
No regrets, but tears aplenty,
For it still hurts when you let go
And I was still holding on

I believed our friendship
To be everlasting,
Oh yeah, was I so naive?

You took me through hell
Made me a crying mess
Made me benumbed,
But still-I’ll heal and move on;

‘Cos deep down, I knew
It was too fairy-tale to be true!
Adieu, dear friend!