“That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt”

– The Fault In Our Stars

A grief so profound,
A hole ripped apart so clean;
A gaping hole, right in the middle of my chest,
One, which I doubt,
Will ever close..
So many people, out of all,
Why had it to be you?
To be my unrequited love and still
Haunt me in ways-unimaginable;
Long after you’re gone!
Haunting me with your memories-
A day never complete without your thoughts-
Clouding my mind.
Why had you to leave so fast?
Without a goodbye
You took a piece –
Of what I was, with you,
In your eternal journey
Feeling part-dead, my soul ripped apart,
My heart a thousand shattered pieces-
I care not to fix!
Still moving strong,
I hope you find solace
In your new found heaven-
In the days to come,
I’ll meet someone who’ll –
Fill and heal the gaping hole-
But never make it disappear!
One who will complete the fairy-tale-
You never started!

P.S : My deep condolences to my friend and the thousands out there, who are going through this. This too shall pass.Stay strong!