Oh! She knew ,

Deep down-

In the bottom  of her heart -she knew;

His life would go on.

She was naive

And innocent;

She was one who’d get hurt-

Instead of hurting;

She shushed her mind

But her conscience pricked her

She couldn’t hurt someone

When she had vowed-

She’d never do that awful thing-

She experienced a lot;

Little did she know-

She was the only one who’d hurt!

Deep down she knew-

He wouldn’t be hurt

Nor would he cry

For all she knew-

He couldn’t have cared less!

Still, it hurt her a lot-

Than it should have!

Though deep down-she knew;

She still had to wait-

For her heart to understand reality

And find peace and move on-

Knowing it never hurt him-in the first place!